Best new releases China 2022


Published by on: 10/08/2022

The best so far

 Chosen from the new releases this year. To rank them, we came up with four categories: Music, Vocals production and Vibe. Here’s our list:

1 Man who Laughs  – G.E.M

When a song starts with just notes on a piano, we are about to listen to a conversation between two instruments. In the ‘Man Who Laughs’, the dialogue is started with a trill of notes on the piano, waiting for an answer to know it has been heard. As we wait for a response, we are forced to listen all the more closely. The reward is that you cannot help but be carried away by the music when it comes. When the voice, as an instrument, plays off the depth and range of a piano, it evokes our emotions. It’s a winning combination. In the “Man Who Laughs“, G.E.M. tells a love story as old as time, knowing she is not the first to be scared by love that leaves or heals a broken heart. The story reminds us that sometimes to love someone is to wish for their happiness, even if it comes with the realisation that we must let them go.  

2. Mask off – 洪助昇

The sitar-sounding strings plucked over the chorus are a good touch. The lyrics talk about how people wear masks and hide who they are on the inside. Still, at the same time, he was telling everyone on social media that they don’t need to wear their masks anymore because he knows who they are deep down inside. So stand centre stage and be who you are. The bass line and sitar combo make you want to dance and keep you moving. Great production on the track gives a polished sound to a song you want to turn up and sing as loud as you can—a good message and a great mix

靜靜 -Serrini

We fell in love with this song after the first five notes. A guitar and a dreamy voice. The pause in the middle of the song is masterful; just when you are wondering what’s happening, the music comes back in, bringing with it the plucking of electric guitar, combined with acoustic. A simple story but one we can all relate to. The vocals are enchanting; the song is paired to a minimum, making it all the more effective. Great music, and a great voice.

4. ToNick Quantum Entanglement

The guys in the band are some of the nicest people you will ever meet; they are down to earth, easy to talk to, and have wicked humour. Some of us were lucky enough to hear them when they played The Underground at the beginning of their career. It’s fantastic to see them enjoying their success these days. On this track, the rhythm behind the band is rock solid, and ToNick’s signature energy comes through in full force with a surprise ending.


5 . (……醉鬼阿Q) (……Drunkard Ah Q) -Qing Feng Wu feat. Yanzi Sun

Opening with Saxophones to set the atmosphere, Qing’s vocals come in and grab your ear, joined by  Yanzi. The song takes an unexpected turn for me, and my feet tap to the beat as Qing and Yanzi exchange lyrics. I didn’t expect the music to evolve into a dance song with an infectious counterbeat. Combining the lyrical styles of Qing ( who also worked with Aurora to crate the song STORM) and Yanzi works incredibly well to create a unique sound, and a solid dance song evolves from their eclectic style. Qing has a vast range that’s put to good use. DJ RayRay has also done an exciting remix that is worth a listen.

 6. Self-Love (數位單曲) – Whyte

This song is an anthem for those looking for love in all the wrong places. Whyte sings about self-love and acceptance. The lyrics are captivating, with a soulful RnB voice that will have you hooked from the first verse.

Starting with a dreamy guitar and Whyte singing how she says, “I’m not perfect, I’m just me” to herself. It is a powerful message of self-acceptance – something that many people struggle with in their lives. The reverb on the keys gives the song an ethereal feel which matches Whyte’s voice. When the bass kicks in, the music goes into a soulful groove, filled out with backing vocals creating a full sound that will have you hitting repeat.

7. 路人歷險記 – Nowhere Boys

This song makes me think of sailing across the seas to unchartered lands and being pulled forward by something powerful yet unknown. When you listen to this, turn it up very loud. The harmonies around the vocals are outstanding, the percussion, the use of the violin  – it’s hard to say anything about this song. Nowhere boys deserve all the success coming to them and then some. This is a band in creative bloom.

8. Young Man & Sea G.E.M.

 We had to think about whether one artist should be in twice, but that would be unfair to the artist, however, G.E.M. is the only artist to be in twice. Her voice and the time and effort to create her sound pay off in this unusual mix. However, based purely on the lyrics alone, one could miss the song’s depth This is one where the video enhances the song experience so much it’s hard to convey here. The song, which opens with whispers and G.E.M. conducting the music with her voice, grows into the orchestration which takes us on a journey through memory. This is a piece of art, a  ‘mini drama’ piece full of the cruelties life can deliver, only for us to rise in a new direction. Remember the song first, then the video – it will create a more significant experience and you will be glad you did.

9. 最偉大的作品 – 周杰倫 (Jay Chou)

The concept of this song grabbed our attention; opening with the cross between classical and modern, Chou paints a picture of Paris by using the Accordion as the tour guide over a hip-hop beat and, at one point, having a complete break for a classical rendition on the Piano It’s a well-told musical story from a very personal perspective a proper blending of genres artfully done.

10. 豐乳肥臀 [BBBB: Big Boobs Bubble Butt] Joyce Cheng

Joyce sings, “I’m not afraid to show my big boobs and butt.” This line is critical because it sets the theme for the song. She talks about how she used to be ashamed of her body and would always cover up when other people were around, but now she has a more confident attitude because she loves herself. It’s a great message and an even better song.

11. 未算壞 Maybe Someday – Sabrina Cheung

A sultry beginning leads to a mix with Cheung’s vocals floating over the top, a smooth RnB sound with subtle use of strings. The bridge leads us back to the Chorus, which is instantly catchy. Excellent Vocal work grows on you the more you listen to it. This song’s mix and arrangement combine to create an enticing vibe.

12. 聖人模式- Pandora

 Had to listen to this one a few times before it grew on us – which is the mark of a good song. After all, any song that makes you say I want to hear that again has done its job; the guitar work and harmonising on this fill out the sound and make it stand out for us. A song about toxic relationships and the risk of telling someone they are in one is a powerful message backed up by a powerful sound. Pandora combines both to perfection in this track.

13. 在生 the lovers Per Se

This song is infectious from the get-go, upbeat, and optimistic. The melody gets inside your head, and you will find yourself singing along. Per Se is an up-and-coming band that writes solid pop songs and doubtless has much more for us to look forward to. Their unique sound is a refreshing change.

14. 月後 – 惡夢扭蛋

Should you or shouldn’t you – if you tell them how you feel and they don’t feel the same, or even worse, think the same but for some reason won’t or can’t admit – this song will resonate with those who struggle to stay platonic. The opening is so unusual that repeated listens are guaranteed. The arrangement that went into the song is pure ear candy.

15.變藍 (feat. PO8 & 喜辰晨) – Eddie Beatz

The trumpet over the intro tells us we are in for something different, harmonising vocals set over a Piano riff. The cross between languages and genres in the music’s first and second half creates an intriguing, well-put-together song. This is a well-crafted piece of music, from trumpet over Piano to harmonising voices ending with a sprinkling of electronic drums.

16. 沒有人寫歌給你過吧 Ann

At first, we nearly overlooked this song. There is something unusual about the vocals, and we wanted to know more about how it was achieved. It blended Bai An’s talent and單為明 Link Shan, who mixed the music. The combination makes for a vibrant sound to her voice that’s quite something to hear.

17. 自動修正 – Jill Vidal

I love the Piano opening to this song and the fact that the perhaps obvious addition of strings doesn’t overtake the music. The song’s message that we can auto-correct our lives and ignore what’s in front of us – keep making excuses, so we don’t ever accept things seems apt in this Covid world we live in. The opening to this song immediately pulls you in. That melancholy riff keeps coming back to remind us that sometimes we have to take a cold hard look at the truth.

18.作品的說話 – Keung To

Haunting guitar with space for the vocals makes for a great intro. Thinking the song is going in the way of big ‘synth strings’, it instead turns into a more significant piece created by the room for the vocals. As the music progresses, there’s jumping backwards and forwards between genres, which works very well. It’s a light-feeling song that is, in fact, full to the maximum.

19. 虛榮 – Gin Lee

It’s her singing, simple as that. The musical arrangement is solid and well put together and it’s a well-crafted song. But what really hit us was the vocals. From the opening words to the end, Lee holds the passion all the way through and it’s the making of the track. We enjoyed this for the raw connection between the artist’s expression, the words chosen to portray the message, and Lee’s vocal range all combine to create something special.

20.悲中带喜 – Justin 側田

This song lets you know from the start what it is, a love song and builds from there. At around 1min 20 into the song, a late 80s guitar comes in, and the music climbs to another level; it’s expertly done and allows us to welcome the broader ensemble.  Some may not be massive fans of the love/pop song genre generally, but Justin does it so well that it deserves to be on this list of stand-out new releases as a stand-out to the genre.

So, that’s our choice so far – let us know what you think. Have we missed anyone? let us know in the comments below


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點擊 – 歡樂騎行

J.M.3. 感覺充滿自信
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愛是… 2.0

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Girl, i don’t know how to say this but…you’re driving m […]
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XTIE – New Video Drops at 11 pm

XTIE -new classic music video. The countdown starts now […]
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因緣份下Paco再次遇上Joey Tang鄧建明

因緣份下Paco再次遇上Joey Tang鄧建明,大家一拍即合,促成了這首新歌《救命》的誕生。
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Remembering Leslie

Anson Lo盧瀚霆重新演繹哥哥金曲《偷情》 環球唱片推出全新企劃《REMEMBERING LESLIE》紀 […]
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韋禮安 WeiBird

初四阿北 創作才子韋禮安在發行「明天再見」華語專輯之後,將以〈歪歌起挫〉系列第一彈賀歲單曲歡顛拜年! 國際巨星 […]
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鄭欣宜- 仍會等

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2023年度嘅「Underground Rocks 」

2023年度嘅「Underground Rocks 」將會帶嚟四支香港本地樂隊,引領各位Band友踏上一場瘋狂 […]
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「親愛的對象」是為電影《關於我和鬼變成家人的那件事》量身訂製的主題曲,Jolin 親自看完電影劇本與片花後,給 […]
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于毅 – 從未遠離

從未遠離」獻給唐鶴德先生和所有喜歡張國榮的朋友! 聽這首歌的時候,希望大家留意旁白,特別是歌詞! ——陳淑芬 […]
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葉巧琳 Mischa

由葉巧琳與團隊一同打造,以遊戲世界《The Odyssey of Freya》作主題的音樂 Project,在 […]
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曾比特全新單曲《重見》 溫柔線聲線唱出城內人情味 相約你鬧市中並肩地走 享受熱鬧中尋的的清幽 Mike曾比特推 […]
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Nowhere Boys 地球候機室

說過再見,擁抱道別,或者你會升空遠去宇宙外不想回頭; 但如果有一天,你忽然掛念這裏的食物,惦記在這裏看海的時光 […]
Published on: 12/06/2022


粉絲喜歡安森的聲音 評論已被編輯以保護作者的身份 《永順街 39 號》真心好好聽,動聽的旋律,令人細味嘅歌詞, […]
Published on: 11/19/2022


粉絲喜歡安森的聲音 評論已被編輯以保護作者的身份 《永順街 39 號》真心好好聽,動聽的旋律,令人細味嘅歌詞, […]
Published on: 11/18/2022


Published on: 11/14/2022


Carrier帶菌者 2022 第二首派台作品《底線 Dai2 Sin3 》 Carrier 帶菌者 最新專輯 […]
Published on: 10/27/2022


Published on: 10/19/2022


這很大程度上受我彈鋼琴的影響 然而我沒有幸能擁有與之匹配的聲音。不過,我自己偏愛於另一邊,當我聆聽以鋼琴演奏的 […]
Published on: 08/26/2022


在認識朋友、伴侶之前,最先教我們與人相處的其實是家人,然而我們跟家人之間卻總是有著如遠若近的距離。明明跟朋友聊 […]
Published on: 08/15/2022


應智越(細貓)新歌《Cut!》 承接上一首歌《幕後花絮》關於做兵的故事,道出戀人未滿、沒有完美結局的愛情。他希 […]
Published on: 08/12/2022

韋禮安 WeiBird – 明天再見

「明天再見」是韋禮安華語新專輯的點題作品。 韋禮安在做這張新專輯時,整個人的狀態是開始思索一些哲學性的問題,斯 […]
Published on: 08/09/2022

王嘉儀 Sophy Wong- 自然變態

王嘉儀 Sophy Wong 加盟麥浚龍旗下幻.國文化娛樂首支派台歌《自然變態》 世界每天都在變態,從蟲蛹到化 […]
Published on: 08/08/2022

Jolie陳逸璇 – 拒絕再玩

Jolie陳逸璇推出全新廣東歌Hi Fi靚聲專輯《PRESENT》,以細緻柔和的唱韻,傾情重現8首經典作品,配 […]
Published on: 08/04/2022

陳健安 – 創作者的派對

陳健安 – 創作者的派對 曲: 陳健安 詞: Oscar 編: 賴映彤 監: 陳健安/賴 […]
Published on: 08/02/2022

布志綸 – 爸爸好嘢 Little Boy

From Alan: 兒子Adam一歲多時,我不時唱The Beatles的〈Blackbird〉給他聽,當時 […]
Published on: 08/01/2022

鄭欣宜 – 我地 (about us version)

我地 (about us version) 作曲:  湯令山 填詞:黃偉文 編曲:蘇道哲 老天在上 […]
Published on: 07/29/2022

Pandora – 聖人模式

《聖人模式》 靈感來自Pandora的朋友分享的一段Toxic Relationship(毒性 關係),導致有 […]
Published on: 07/25/2022

ANSONBEAN – OMG (on my grind)

借藉著《全民造星III》獲得高人氣的ANSONBEAN去年出道後,無論形象或是音樂都一直走較為清爽陽光男孩的路 […]
Published on: 07/22/2022

吳青峰 x Rufus Wainwright- A Wanderer In The Sleeping City

吳青峰與國際級音樂人的共創驚喜不只一首,我們從北歐的挪威,不到一個月,來到美洲的城市。六月甫發行與挪威小天后歐 […]
Published on: 07/21/2022

 梁釗峰 – 火燒心

C Allstar釗峰時隔兩年再次Solo回歸樂壇,新曲《火燒心》描述情感裡被背叛的慘情故事。釗峰早前上電台節 […]
Published on: 07/19/2022

葉巧琳Mischa – 人間英靈

葉巧琳(Mischa)一直喜歡打遊戲機,經典遊戲《Final Fantasy》更是她的最愛。某次的忽發奇想,M […]
Published on: 07/18/2022

JNYBeatz – Let’s take it easy (feat. 張繼聰 Louis Cheung)

買樓、結婚、生B, 很多人的一生都像在追趕著一個個里程碑。生活上的問題、家庭與工作帶來的壓力更是讓人喘不過氣, […]
Published on: 07/15/2022

Gin Lee – 虛榮

一向很堅強的Gin Lee(李幸倪),除擁有一把感動人心的聲音,在樂壇一路走來,作品更流露一份剛毅自強的女性態 […]
Published on: 07/11/2022

周杰倫 – 最偉大的作品

睽違六年,終於等到周杰倫發新專輯「最偉大的作品」,共收錄12首,包含1首鋼琴演奏Intro、以及「最偉大的作品 […]
Published on: 07/08/2022

鄧百亨Feat.楊倬翹 – 十五十六

這首歌是鄧百亨的第七首發佈歌曲,亦是其第一首合唱歌。 合作單位邀請到獨立唱作人Uka 楊倬翹。兩人多年前於一次 […]
Published on: 07/06/2022

Ben Chiu – 粉身碎骨

今年陸續有《全民造星III》的參賽者出道,而當年以大熱姿態奪下冠軍寶座的Ben終於也有歌曲作品和大家見面了。 […]
Published on: 07/05/2022

彭永琛 – 床上跳飛機

我的天我的主我的軟肋, 他,不喜歡踏實, 在任何地方,都能無限蹦跳, 就像你的主動脈, 你控制不了,你越激動, […]
Published on: 06/30/2022

 Nowhere Boys – 路人歷險記

生命是一場歷險。   大家在同一個起點出發,一步一步走着就會踏上分叉路,離開起始之地,攀山涉水周遊列國,在高低 […]
Published on: 06/28/2022

吳青峰 X AURORA – Storm

「似曾相識的你……」,兩人的相遇,起頭於一份巧妙的機緣。從創作開始,到音樂完成,累積一 […]
Published on: 06/20/2022


《世界以痛吻我而我歌唱》是《輕盈》的延續,也是對《Little People》的回應。我們接受了世界給予的挑戰 […]
Published on: 06/10/2022

CY 陳宗澤 -神經刀

因參加「全⺠造星 3」⽽被⼈稱為「神經⼑」的 CY 陳宗澤(前名:陳澤⾔)今年終於簽了唱⽚公司,以實⼒的聲線出 […]
Published on: 05/31/2022

JNYBeatz -No More Words To Say (feat. Delta T & 朱琳)

JNYBeatz繼去年與193@ERROR合作的《你是我的Bae》及今年與林家謙合作的《靈魂出竅練習曲》後,再 […]
Published on: 05/26/2022

小塵埃 (Lil’ Ashes) – finish it don’t quit

小塵埃(Lil’ Ashes)2022年全新派台作品〈finish it don’t quit〉,演譯愛情關係 […]
Published on: 05/24/2022

Eagle 陳天翺  – Now That She’s Gone

Eagle 陳天翺出道一年來,以輕EDM曲風打造出鮮明個人風格,今次與好友Heargrey合作,再次發表EDM […]
Published on: 05/19/2022

ONE PROMISE – I’ll Be Fine

2022年剛開始,香港就迎來第五波疫情,不少人原有的計劃被逼暫停,有些人在這艱難時期下,連生計也成問題。樂隊O […]
Published on: 05/17/2022

陳柏宇 (feat. Novel Fergus) – 墜落

當習以為常的生活與信仰突然被無常侵蝕,形成了極差的局面時,很多人或會覺得自己被逼入窮途末路,走不出困局,不過陳 […]
Published on: 05/13/2022

雲浩影 – 願望之翼

【首支單曲<願望之翼>  Cloud 雲浩影初次飛翔】 一路以來循規 […]
Published on: 05/12/2022


去年以一首《我不如》出道轟動香港樂壇後,『慘情王子』Mike的星途似乎一帆風順。 由參加『全民造星2』被導師E […]
Published on: 05/03/2022

馮允謙 – Freakin’ Nightmare

這兩年Jay馮允謙可說正在經歷上升期,每首高質作品都有好成績,但在這些風格背後,Jay似乎也感覺到離鄉別井的無 […]
Published on: 04/28/2022

Fiester – Various

用音樂撕裂「假大同」 FIESTER 2022年最新派台歌曲《VARIOUS》 重金屬碰撞電子混音重塑搖滾定義 […]
Published on: 04/25/2022

麗英 – 東京一轉

『矮妹』麗英一向喜歡日本二次元文化,也不時在自己Youtube分享日文歌cover大受好評。今次新歌加入J-P […]
Published on: 04/20/2022

側田-老伙記  (feat. Eric Kwok)

Justin Lo側田闊別香港樂壇兩年,在相隔五年後再推出全新廣東數碼專輯《love songs from d […]
Published on: 04/14/2022

陳明憙 – 多謝恐懼

經歷了第一章以「聲之靜」探索內心,第二章以「生之靜」與世界共生。 接下來就是一個人面對自己的時間。 活在城市裡 […]
Published on: 04/08/2022


千禧年代把電腦帶進了家居生活中,而隨之也掀起了休閒遊戲的風潮,而戀愛養成和模擬經營一直都是休閒遊戲中的人氣類型 […]
Published on: 04/04/2022

鄭欣宜 – 豐乳肥臀

The queen is back! 新歌后欣宜可以說是香港最多面的歌手之一,不少人可能對她的慢歌比較有感觸, […]
Published on: 03/31/2022

Kendy Suen -日月無常

繼推出《無名序》EP 後,Kendy 受去年底與香港演藝學院合作的《彌生》音樂會的啟發, 定立了無名序章後20 […]
Published on: 03/28/2022

Novel Friday & Anna hissbuR feat. Teriver Cheung | deep talks

Bridge Radio宗旨一直係想為聽眾發掘更多新音樂,新聲音。 這次和新生代rapper Novel Fr […]
Published on: 03/24/2022


五年前,音樂廠牌 Greytone Music誕生,因創辦人JB與Keni 在東涌屋企樓下遇上。2021秋天再 […]
Published on: 03/23/2022

Pandora – 風月

你知道嗎,在宇宙出現的第⼀道光是什麼時候出現? 曾有天⽂學家這樣答: 「那不是黎明前的曙光,那是億萬年前⽣命的 […]
Published on: 03/15/2022

A-Lin – 我怨

A-LIN全新專輯 「LINK」 最新單曲「我怨」是她終於和金曲、金馬雙料得主創作才女艾怡良首度合作,近年來艾 […]
Published on: 03/11/2022

陳浩 Edward.C – 半意識

在合上眼與掙開眼之間,我和妳或正各自在現實中偷生;又或是一起在幻想中搖曳,實在也無妨。 被大城市吞噬了生活節奏 […]
Published on: 03/08/2022

莫文蔚 – 原來…甚麼都有可能

〈原來…甚麼都有可能〉的誕生,全因Karen對於出道時的第一首主打歌〈原來…沒可能〉的名字念念不忘。當年Kar […]
Published on: 03/03/2022

Novel Friday《小鹿亂撞》feat. Teriver Cheung

💥Novel Friday 亂撞R.O.O.T.結他手Teriver,說唱與結他的碰撞交錯💥Novel Fri […]
Published on: 02/28/2022

Andy is Typing… – 答應我要好好的過 (再也不見版)

Andy is Typing… 是一隊於2016年初成立的的香港本地獨立搖滾樂團。成員包括有 An […]
Published on: 02/24/2022

馮允謙 – 報復式浪漫

有計算過人一生花多少時間在等待嗎? 等𨋢等車等過馬路、等下班等下課、等一趟旅行、等一場想看的的演唱會,或是等一 […]
Published on: 02/18/2022

黄姸 Cath Wong – Little People

Cath黃妍在上個月剛以黑馬姿態首次摘下「叱咤樂壇女歌手」獎項。近日繼《兩個月亮》後發行全新派台單曲。在今臨强 […]
Published on: 02/16/2022


其實不少遊戲都會在配樂上花不少心思,也有不少gamer鍾情於遊戲Soundtrack。 Minecraft、動 […]
Published on: 02/10/2022

張蔓莎 Sabrina Cheung – 剎那的

Sabrina張蔓莎出道曲《剎那的》於昨日正式派台,讓她成為2022年第一位女新人。不少人對Sabrina的印 […]
Published on: 02/09/2022


黃子華、張繼聰、王菀芝、吳君如、鄭中基和梁詠琪等分別主演的賀歲片《飯戲攻心》原定大年初一(2月1日)上映,可惜 […]
Published on: 02/08/2022

Eric 周興哲 – 想知道你在想什麼

台灣情歌王子Eric周興哲創作出[以後別做朋友]、[你,好不好]、[怎麼了]、[你不屬於我]… 等 […]
Published on: 02/07/2022

欣宜:歌后 To The World

今年女歌手欣宜贏得『叱咤樂壇女歌手』金獎及『我最喜愛的女歌手』成雙料歌后。 年幼出道的她,經歷過被全港謾罵恥笑 […]
Published on: 01/25/2022


上個月剛滿30歲的Charlie Puth從十年前開 […]
Published on: 01/21/2022

Mike曾比特 -新年快樂

剛剛奪下叱吒男新人銅獎的曾比特Mike,趁著新年應景地發佈了新曲《新年快樂》。新歌延續悲情歌的風格,唱出獨自一 […]
Published on: 01/20/2022

薛凱琪 Fiona Sit、麥浚龍 JUNO – 月球上碰面

薛凱琪 Fiona 繼2020宣布回歸「娘家」華納之後,便以「一年一首」的頻率發布廣東歌,先是2020年的《南 […]
Published on: 01/19/2022

The Weeknd – Sacrifice

締造許多震撼性音樂作品和紀錄的鬼才The Weeknd,是Spotify上最高播放率的歌手之一,亦是Billb […]
Published on: 01/10/2022

香港indie 一月份好歌推介

近年本地音樂不少indie歌手冒起,其實就算主流市場上也有不少有名氣的歌手是indie歌手,但也有一般需要更多 […]
Published on: 01/07/2022


小編不算是一個很喜歡追劇的人,所以堅持看完一部劇已經非常難得!今日防疫措施又收緊,眼看不少娛樂場所(正經地方哦 […]
Published on: 01/06/2022

限定女團Kep1er公開出道曲《WA DA DA》

通過選秀節目《Girls Planet 999》TOP 9 金采炫、休寧巴伊葉、崔有眞、金多娟、徐永恩、姜睿序 […]
Published on: 01/04/2022

JEON SOMI (전소미) – ‘Anymore’

作為歌迷的節日禮物,Kpop偶像SOMI 最近為單曲“Anymore”推出了全新MV,這亦是收錄於她專輯“XO […]
Published on: 12/29/2021

鄭欣宜 – But I’m Not Lonely

Joyce出道多年,從全港罵到現在打入叱咤2021年我最喜愛的女歌手最後5強之一,可以說是香港人見證著她成長。 […]
Published on: 12/23/2021

電影月老主題曲: 韋禮安 – 如果可以

九把刀最新電影「月老」主題曲 柯震東 × 宋芸樺 × 王淨 × 馬志翔 打造陰陽兩界奇幻大作 最強組合主演 金 […]
Published on: 12/21/2021

黃妍 Cath Wong – 兩個月亮 (hirsk Remix)

講到新生代Cath 黃妍,可能第一時間會想起那個拿著吉他的她。Cath歌聲甜美輕盈,出道幾年來也樹立了『文青女 […]
Published on: 12/15/2021


今年金球獎因主辦組織HFPA(Hollywood Foreign Press Association)因被踢爆 […]
Published on: 12/14/2021

布志綸 – 想再和你看煙花

提起Alan布志綸這個名字,一般樂迷都會聯想到身為樂隊Mr. 主唱的他那把溫柔中帶點男人滄桑的歌聲。記得Mr. […]
Published on: 12/10/2021


2021年4月24日,一場長達六小時的直播結束後,90個男孩圓滿完成了自己的盛大畢業禮,四個月的練習生活告一段 […]
Published on: 12/07/2021


韓國天團BTS近日在LA舉行完兩年來第一次的線下演唱會,吸引了一眾美國ARMY到演唱會朝聖。而BTS也宣布明年 […]
Published on: 12/03/2021


每年冬季都是香港各大獎項揭曉的季節。 英國有BRITS,美國有Grammys,台灣有金曲獎。 而香港這麼多年, […]
Published on: 12/03/2021

G.E.M – 兩個你

華語創作天后G.E.M.鄧紫棋同步推出全新創作粵語新歌〈兩個你〉和國語新歌〈兩個自己〉,兩首歌在她巧心安排下, […]
Published on: 12/02/2021

黃金海岸Chillin Jazz Fest 爵士音樂會 2021完滿舉行

「黃金海岸Chillin Jazz Fest 爵士音樂會 2021」已於11月13及14日完滿舉行。一連兩日的 […]
Published on: 12/01/2021

林奕匡 – 解答

林奕匡Phil由出道以來一直有情歌才形象,而近年除了出自己歌,也幫不少歌手下筆寫歌。 林奕匡Phil由出道以來 […]
Published on: 11/30/2021


因韓國Mnet選秀節目《Girls Planet 999》誕生的女團Kep1er日前先後公開了9位成員的概念照 […]
Published on: 11/26/2021

Eagle Chan:探索中的音樂人

今年新人爭霸戰少不了MC,Mike這兩個大熱,兩人都是『全民造星II』出身的,不過其實同期的參賽者裡面也還有一 […]
Published on: 11/23/2021


Disney+ 於11月16日正式登陸香,相信唔少人已經快快手咁join咗,不過期待已久嘅Disney+到底係 […]
Published on: 11/19/2021

J1M3 feat. Lillian Wong – Lost In The Woods 迷霧森林

音樂製作藝人 及 香港音樂廠牌「Greytone Music」創始人 J1M3,曾為 二人組合「Fabel」成 […]
Published on: 11/16/2021

Avril Lavigne – Bite Me

今年吹起起y2k風,而千禧年標誌性嘅代表人物之一莫過於龐克公主Avril Lavigne(艾薇兒),相信不少9 […]
Published on: 11/12/2021


後悔及內疚若最終會化為污土,就在裡面長出月後閃閃生輝的惡之華。 繼《Unfollow我是你做過最貼心的事》及《 […]
Published on: 11/11/2021

Netflix五款手游上架Google Play、iOS

Netflix從以前就已經有娛樂性質強的互動式節目與電影,就像是早期的rpg遊戲一樣,提供觀眾可以邊看影片邊幫 […]
Published on: 11/11/2021


林海峰可以說是香港無人不知的藝人。 由八十年代組成組合《軟硬天師》開始廣播生涯的他,在這幾十年從DJ到廣播劇, […]
Published on: 11/02/2021

馮允謙 – 冬日寂寞考

萬聖節過後,就代表已經踏入一年的尾聲。 雖然香港的冬天總是很遲疑,進入十一月天氣依然炎熱,但也阻止不了加拿大長 […]
Published on: 11/01/2021


00後 Feanna 黃淑蔓,在2015年憑主唱香港電影《哪一天我們會飛》主題曲《差一點我們會飛》出道後奪下了 […]
Published on: 10/29/2021

尖八角 -Zelos Wong

就算岩巉到個名都崩咗一角, 我哋都要做最愛自己嘅尖八角。 同樣由全民造星II出身嘅Zelos,同同期嘅MC,M […]
Published on: 10/15/2021


“都知道原初出發,但大不了就是夢一場,只要我們仍然是家人,一起人就可以擊垮我們。”唱出歌曲新發的里面的專輯《起 […]
Published on: 10/06/2021

甜約翰- 靠窗座位

近日台灣獨立樂團甜約翰的最新MV《靠窗座位 》在Yo […]
Published on: 10/05/2021

C AllStar – 還有48小時

C Allstar 2017年宣布休團,而今年終於在萬眾期待中重組。 四年間,各人有各人追求與成績,男團風潮開 […]
Published on: 10/04/2021

神秘歌姬?TE 壞特

?te壞特,聽到這個名字,讓你誤以為是亂碼符號吧?人稱神秘歌姬 ?te壞特的出道在台灣樂壇刮起一陣迷幻Lofi […]
Published on: 10/04/2021


Tanya蔡健雅推出全新專輯首波單曲「出走」,透過平凡人的視覺,表達出渴望自由自在出走。從詞曲譜到演唱,Tan […]
Published on: 10/04/2021


酷玩樂隊——作為21世紀最大型的音樂表演,以其獨特和創新的流行搖滾音樂風格而聞名,最近發行了一張新專輯,主打歌 […]
Published on: 10/04/2021


因參加《全民造星II》得到導師Eric Kwok的賞識而加入環球的新人Mike,終於在本年度推出第一首派台作品 […]
Published on: 10/04/2021