Can VR Gaming finally make an impact?

Published by on: 03/06/2023

Even though virtual reality gaming has been around for a while, its widespread adoption still faces some challenges. These include players feeling too overwhelmed by virtual settings, difficulties with the game controls, physical discomfort and lack of immersion in the VR world.VR gaming isn’t just about physical movements. It can make players emotionally involved in the characters and stories by putting them in the middle of a virtual world and amplifying their emotions.. if they believe in the story.


The great thing about VR is that it allows players to be extraordinarily creative and empowered. Still, at the same time, this can also lead to confusion and disorientation. For example, most people are used to having a sense of control and mastery when playing video games, so this switch can be jarring. One of the issues in VR,  is that your focus is often limited to a 15-degree angle in all directions. This range of sight can be jarring for players as its not what they are used to in the 2D world, and it takes some getting used to.


Avoiding motion sickness and dizziness was a significant issue during the early years of VR. Developers initially tried to copy FPS games and other scenarios like simulating a roller coaster. However, these approaches could have worked out better… Side-to-side movement, which results in a parallax effect, can be super disorienting in VR. When new stuff enters the scene suddenly, it can make it difficult to concentrate and feel comfortable. Plus, it can really mess with your stomach! Acceleration can be seriously unbearable since it makes you feel even more nauseous by exaggerating the separation between what you see and your actual lack of movement. If you’ve ever played a first-person shooter game, you know that movement doesn’t work the same as it would in reality. In VR, however, If you’re standing still in the real world, but your brain thinks you’re in motion, it can lead to an uncomfortable mental conflict – the kind where the body’s proprioceptive system and the mind’s vision don’t match up.

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To keep the immersive experience uninterrupted, there are numerous helpful design methods that can be employed. For instance, a consistent visual reference like a cockpit or horizon line can be created to reduce motion sickness as it gives your brain something to focus on.

One of the main issues when playing VR games is eye strain. But luckily, newer headsets like the Meta Quest Pro and PlayStation VR2 have eye tracking that can identify where your eyes are looking and even react to changes in real-time. They can also use foveated rendering, which alters the image details depending on the user’s perspective. It’s like how our eyes work, where we focus on a particular area, and the rest is blurred.


Half-Life: Alyx the story of an impossible fight against a vicious alien race known as the Combine, hits many of the marks it aimed for. Players can use directional controls to really move around in the game. Even when using teleportation, sound effects like echoing footsteps and tinkling ammunition add a lifelike touch. This video game gives you the feeling of being in another world – your body position and orientation stay with you when you enter VR – Plus, you can go as far as to turn, crouch, contort or interact with objects as it would be in real life. VR brings games to life differently than before. Players are in the middle of an alternate universe and get even more immersed in the story. That feeling is further intensified when users believe the plot and almost become a part of it.

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