Children Of The Sun…Twisted

Published by on: 04/11/2024

Most Disturbing Game

Children of the Sun has been described as one of the most disturbing games ever played. The reviewer acknowledges that this statement may sound sensationalistic, but assures readers that it is intended as a compliment. The game is characterized as dark, creepy, violent, awful, upsetting, and oppressive, resembling a nightmarish experience that seeps into one’s waking life in a positive way.

The protagonist in Children of the Sun is a lone gunwoman named “The Girl,” who is on a mission to eliminate members of an ambiguous cult. The game centers around her ability to fire bullets that can be controlled, slowed down, and redirected toward the heads of her targets. The review draws a comparison to the camp assaults in games like Far Cry and Sniper Elite, but emphasizes that Children of the Sun distills these elements to their purest form and presents them through the lens of a profound psychological breakdown.

The Girl’s motivation stems from an escape from the cult, which resulted in the death of someone significant to her. Each level begins with The Girl surveying the area from the perimeter, allowing players to scout the surroundings by moving the mouse. By zooming in and marking enemies, players can plan their shots and execute them accordingly.

Notably, the game introduces a unique mechanic where the player can only fire once, regardless of the number of enemies to eliminate. However, after a successful hit, the bullet can redirect itself, enabling the player to chain together multiple kills with a single bullet. Missing any targets results in failure, requiring the level to be restarted, although all marked enemies remain highlighted for convenience.


As the game progresses, The Girl’s gun skills evolve, granting the ability to slow down time further and slightly adjust the bullet’s trajectory. This allows for targeting moving enemies and navigating obstacles to reach blocked opponents. To achieve complete mid-flight redirection of the bullet, the player must delve deeper into the game and acquire more powerful skills by hitting specific areas on cult members’ bodies. This is an intriguing feature that pulls the player further into the game.

The review highlights the game’s aesthetics, drawing a comparison to the oppressive dreadfulness found in the game “Thumper” from 2016. While mechanically dissimilar, both games evoke a sense of oppressive dread through their use of murky blues, purples, and unsettling sound effects. The reviewer describes the art style of Children of the Sun as having a PS1 vibe, contributing to its atmospheric horror. The in-game cutscenes, reminiscent of distorted Saturday morning cartoons, are accompanied by ear-piercing feedback-laden guitar sounds, emphasizing the game’s intention to create discomfort.

The audio aspect of the game is particularly noteworthy, as the protagonist emits plucked bass sounds while moving, the pitch rising with increased speed. These sounds blend with wailing guitar strings, creating a dissonant and rhythmic experience. When entering aiming mode, ominous crashing drum beats join the score, and upon firing the bullet, a guttural roar ensues, enveloping the player in an all-consuming sense of dread.

Children of the Sun includes provocative and occasionally seemingly pointless elements. One level features the protagonist sitting on a toilet, cleaning her rifle, while players engage in an ’80s-style arcade game called “I Just Killed A Man Now I’m Horny.” – which the reviewer admits to making them feel uneasy. This diversion from the usual bullet-directing mechanics involves manoeuvring an avatar’s head through a maze, collecting bullets, and avoiding enemy heads. The review acknowledges the peculiar sophomoric tones present in this level, contrasting with the overall sophisticated and sleek nature of the game.

Upon completing a level, players are presented with an overhead view illustrating the path their bullet took. The score is based on factors such as time taken, redirections used (as it technically remains one shot), and the number of headshots achieved. Additionally, players can compare their scores with those of others who have played the game. The review suggests that the inclusion of another player’s overhead path as a feature could enhance the gameplay experience and provide an opportunity for learning and improvement.

Children of the Sun consists of 26 levels, offering a substantial amount of gameplay. In the later stages, the complexity increases, transforming the experience into an intricate puzzle where players must strategize to eliminate guards, locate specific target hotspots for extra bullet redirects, and ensure enough distance to overcome armored guards. The reviewer notes that the difficulty curve may be too steep and that these challenges arise too close to the end of the game. However, they acknowledge the delicate balance the developers face in finding the right timing for introducing difficulty.

Ultimately, Children of the Sun is praised as a remarkable, unsettling, and exceptional creation. It embodies parents’ concerns about video games but in the best possible way. The game’s orchestrated aural assault is highlighted as its standout feature, contributing to its superiority within its genre. The reviewer expresses being captivated and undeniably disturbed by the game’s experience. Ultimately, only you can decide, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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