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Published by on: 08/10/2022

The thing about Gaming for me is it’s weird. I mean, I know that it is a made-up world where people can interact, and I know hundreds of millions of people play games online and don’t get me wrong, I love Gaming. Particularly racing games because I like their simplicity – start the engine – race. What I mean is I don’t want to go further into the Gaming world. I want to see what life is like in real-time. I love working on cars, and I love my garage and the customers that come in. It’s like a meeting place in a way – all different characters come in, and all of them have stories, and once we get past the what’s wrong with the car, it only takes a question like ‘What do you use the car for’ and people start talking.’

I’ve made some of my best friends through the garage – Gabriella, who will be the next great DJ if she can find the courage to let other people hear her work. Jimmy, who wants to be the world’s biggest DJ yet, has such a talent for driving and racing that I would give anything to have one-tenth of the Skills he has and, of course, there is Peggy .. the love of my life .. or rather not as her parents see it. Anyway, I was talking about Gaming and, in particular, racing Games. I like Asphalt 9 because my friend Eric showed it to me, and I think the soundtrack is pretty cool. That rig that Supercar Blondie is talking about from Telios is a serious piece of equipment – but I want to feel the thrill of driving again myself feel the wheel in my hands and the engine’s pulse. I also want to compete again, but drivers’ skill now is something else. Maybe I could persuade Jimmy to drive a car for me, and we could enter it in races together. But as I say, he’s more caught up in Music now, and who can blame him? After all, it’s what unites him and Gabriella, and I suspect he has feelings for her. Ah well, a man can dream…

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