[Exclusive Interview] Ultra Nate- Supernatural

Published by on: 07-02-2022

Ultra Naté is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, DJ and promoter who has achieved success on the pop charts with songs such as “Free”, “If You Could Read My Mind” (as part of Stars on 54), and “Automatic”.

Virtually all of her singles have reached the Top 10 of the US Hot Dance Club Play chart. In December 2016, Billboard magazine ranked her as the 12th most successful dance artist of all-time.

Dripping in funk-fuelled attitude, and with more than a touch of musical swagger, comes the brand new GotSome remix of Funk Cartel and Ultra Naté’s soulful summer single ‘Supernatural’.

The fresh rework features newly recorded vocals by Ultra and is accompanied by its own remix video.

We also had a the chance to connect with Ultra to ask her a few questions!

Q: Was the crossover to the dance genre a surprise when you first started out?
It was definitely a huge surprise considering the genre had primarily been a US based underground scene.

It seemed like overnight, people like myself and other production teams were putting out music on major labels and seeing chart success around the world. What was once underground had become commercially viable and we had created space for our own sound.

Q: How is the process different now in writing “Supernatural” compared to when you first started out?
The biggest difference is being able to work independently of collaborators. Technology has given us the tools to keep things moving even when we can’t physically get together, which was the case throughout pandemic lockdowns. Rory and Cam (Funk Cartel) were able to easily send me the backing track.
I worked independently at my home studio, wrote and recorded everything, sent the final draft of it all to them and they continued production to finish things. That’s not how the process was back in the day. 
There’s definitely pros and cons to doing collaborations this way however. It’s great to be able to still work together with various people even with our busy schedules but there is still something magical that happens when creatives get in the studio together. There is an art to both processes.

Q: Any emerging artist that you would like to collaborate with?
I think I’ve already stepped into that space. That really was the thinking behind collaborating on “Supernatural” with the super talented production duo Funk Cartel. I also like another UK based duo called Tibasko, they are making some nice melodic house grooves. On the US side, NYC based DJ Rissa Garcia as well as Mikki Afflick are carving out their own paths and putting out some great vibes.

Q: What encouragement can you provide to a young up and coming Ultra Nate that wants to get noticed?
Be ready to work harder than you can imagine! Everything matters, so have your mind right and your business in order. Use the free tools that are out there but also be prepared to come out of your own pocket to invest in yourself.
Read books, watch tutorials, there is more information out here on the business of the music than ever before. Have a good team around you that only wants to see you win. Keep putting out great material, keep learning and growing. Be active on your socials, know your community and your fanbase.
Most importantly trust your art, don’t be afraid to ask for what’s fair, take criticism for what it’s worth and never get caught in the ego trap.

Q: What was the last fond memory that you have on Asia and would you like to come back?
I absolutely love Asia and I always love to visit! I have many great memories from doing one of the opening nights of Yellow Space Lab in Tokyo to dancing on tables after my show and DJ set at Dragon-I in Hong Kong. The fans in Asia are like none other, serious love and devotion. I absolutely love Asian food and fashion. I can’t wait to get back as soon as the pandemic allows!

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