Top 10 Albums 2022

Top 10 Albums of 2022

Published by on: 31-12-2022

10. ‘SOS’ (SZA)


 After a five-year absence, Dec. 9 marked SZA’s long-awaited return to music with her sophomore project “SOS.” Featuring a whopping 23 tracks, “SOS” is as expansive as it is experimental. Unlike the strictly alt-RnB nature of her critically-acclaimed debut project “Ctrl” — which featured chart-topping classicslike “Drew Barrymore,” “The Weekend,” and “Broken Clocks” — “SOS” ambitiously ventures into uncharted territory. From Avril-Lavigne-esque vocals on angst-pop banger “F2F” to haunting melodies throughout “Ghost in theMachine,” an unexpected collaboration with American-indie rock musician Phoebe Bridgers, “SOS” fearlessly flirts with new sounds. But never fear, as the heartbreak performer of our generation, SZA never ventures too far from her roots. Like “Ctrl”, “SOS” is for the people: Overflowing with genuine meditations on toxic relationships, the dangers of infatuation, and feelings of resentment, self-criticism, and regret, “SOS” holds a mirror up to one’s inner psyche and offers a rare unfiltered outlook on what it means to be young and out of love. Paired with SZA’s trademark amorphous vocals, stellar production, and unfiltered lyricism — “You were balls deep, now we’re beefin’” is this writer’s personal favorite — “SOS” and the toxic eras it will inspire in listeners across the globe were inarguably worth the wait. —Anya L. Henry

SZA Album Artwork

9. ‘Her Loss’ (Drake & 21 Savage)


Few rap duos can create a project that both feeds into the mainstream and qualifies as rap caviar. Toronto maverick Aubrey Drake Graham and Atlanta prodigy Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, better known as Drake and 21 Savage, respectively, have accomplished just that. A 16-song album that’s just over an hour long, “Her Loss” had the charts and the clubs in a chokehold — without compromising the quality of the bars in its composition. “Her Loss” might not be the most risky move in Drake’s career, but after the underwhelming experimentation of its 2022 predecessor, “Honestly, Nevermind,” safe is good. It’s cathartic, a long-overdue reunion between longtime collaborators and a celebration of friendship — and it shows. It shows in the seamless transitions between 21’s verses and Drake’s vocals, in Lil Yachty’s signature adlibs, in Metro Boomin’s tempo switch-ups: Everything about “Her Loss” is effortless and classic without losing that X factor that makes it consumable. —Alisa S. Regassa

8. ‘Dance Fever’ (Florence + The Machine)



The week of its release, “Dance Fever” hit top charts across Europe, Australia, and the U.S., reaching number one in the United Kingdom almost immediately. Although the indie rock band Florence + The Machine is no stranger to success, their fifth studio album exemplifies lead singer Florence Welch’s haunting vocals and ethereal sound like no other. The tracks range from classic disco and funk to more modern EDM and pop-infused dance tunes. Based on choreomania, a phenomenon of hysterical dancing chronicled throughout European history, Welch’s songwriting and the album’s range of sound indeed tap into something guttural,captivating, and majestic. The 14 tracks are at times a story about power, exalted and feminine, and at times about turning brutal self-conscious honesty into something beautiful. “Dance Fever” calls out with its gasps and harmonies to all — the lovers, the dream girls, the heartbroken, the wicked, the self-aggrandizing, the longtime fans and the new.

—Hannah T. Chew

7. ‘Stick Season’ (Noah Kahan)


Noah Kahan is a must-listen for any New England road trip. From the sweet softness of “Strawberry Wine” to the upbeat melody of its title track, his latest folk-infused pop album “Stick Season” exhibits great musical range. The album’s lyrics capture Kahan’s love-hate relationship with his hometown of Strafford, Vermont, often dismantling the idyllic view of small-town New England. His songs tell poignant stories of lost love, familial tensions, and discontent — and yet, despite such heavy subject matter, the album is a joy to listen to. Heavily reliant on acoustic guitar, “Stick Season” makes listeners feel like they are sitting next to Kahan at a campfire, soaking in the singer- songwriter’s talent. —Nina M. Foster

6. ‘Multitude’ (Stromae)

According to NPR, “Stromae puts on one of the best live shows in the world.” According to us, Stromae’s new and improved “Multitude” tour compounds on the strengths of Stromae’s musicality in his album of the same name. With the larger than life vocalizations on “L’enfer” and the quaint strumming of the cavaquinho (small Portuguese guitar) on “Sante,” come the multi-dimensional visuals and animated characters featured alongside those songs. Having amassed recognition for his DJ-ing skills in songs like “Alors en danse,” Stromae broke language barriers and breached the U.S. mainstream and charted around the world. His latest album “Multitude” showcases his ability to amalgamate many genres and carve out a space that is all his own within the music industry. From the trap-infused “Bonne Journée” to the soaring stadium chant-worthy chorus of “Invaincu,” to the tender harmonies of “Mon Amour,” there is a bit of everything in “Multitude.” —Alisa S. Regassa and Jaden S. Thompson

Album Cover Multitude Stromae

5. ‘Midnights’ (Taylor Swift)


“Midnights” by Taylor Swift was more than a simple album drop. With social media Easter eggs and TikToks disclosing track titles posted at midnight leading up to Oct. 21, Swift’s tenth studio album created buzz before, during, and after its release. Breaking records and taking up the Billboard 100’s top 10, the album solidified Swift’s return to pop music and brought a long-sought collaboration with Lana Del Rey. Delving deeper than she’s ever gone before, especially in “Anti-Hero” and “You’re On Your Own Kid,” Swift explores themes of self-reflection and what it means to be human; the love, the insecurities, the trauma, and the joy. Pulling from sleepless nights throughout Swift’s life, Midnights’ glittery texture and heavy use of ’80s synth contrasts with Swift’s occasionally muted vocals to capture the energy and new perspective illuminated in the darkness of the night. The album’s unification of artfully crafted lyrics with energetic instrumentals and several decadent music videos cement Swift as a shining star in the music industry this year. —Anna Moiseieva

4. ‘Renaissance’ (Beyoncé)


Inspired by the stagnant nature of the pandemic, Beyoncé’s seventh solo album brings energy and creative expression back to life. Beyoncé’s dance music fantasia “Renaissance” is built upon self-expression and an appreciation of the freedom that comes in returning to the clubs. Upon release, Beyoncé stated that she wanted the album to “be free of perfectionism and over-thinking.” In enacting her wishes for the album, she melts together a dance album with a celebration of expression that goes beyond her own personal story. Delving into gospel in “Church Girl,” in lines like “I’ve been up, I’ve been down,” her lyricism serves as a tribute to Beyoncé’s own shortcomings and her remarkable power to overcome those shortcomings — proclaiming that “You won’t break my soul” in the debut single “Break My Soul.” The album’s electrifying sounds and passionate lyricism make it no surprise that all 16 songs on the album charted on the Billboard top 100.Beyoncé extends an invitation to join her in celebration of artistry through popular tracks “Cuff It” and “Plastic on the Sofa,” and fulfills her promise that this album was crafted as one cohesive narrative. “Renaissance,” above all, is a soundscape of liberation and excellence. — Monique I. Vobecky

3. ‘The Forever Story’ (JID)


The up-and-coming days of Atlanta MC JID are long since over. With his third studio album, “The Forever Story,” JID has proved that he is here to stay. It seems that being an accomplished rapper is not enough for the Dreamville signee — he needs to further cement himself as a lyricist. To be sure, “The Forever Story” is bar-heavy, and JID’s verses are not caught lacking for even a minute during the hour-long album that builds on the ambition and temperament of its prequel, “The Never Story.” However, its unique brilliance lies in the vibe J.I.D curates; with his singular raspy timbre over the gritty 808’s that come with producerKaytranada and Thundercat’s beats, J.I.D has perfected his own distinctive sound. This feat is beyond impressive for a 32- year-old rapper in this industry, and with “The Forever Story,” JID finally racks up the praise he deserves for himself. —Alisa S. Regassa

2. ‘Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers’ (Kendrick Lamar)


The album that saw Kung Fu Kenny come back for the first time since 2017’s “DAMN.” The album that raised the bar on performing in concert. The album that brought that security guard to tears. “Mr. Morale & the BigSteppers” is that album. Kendrick Lamar has long since proved that he is more than a rapper; to his fans, he is nothing less than a hip-hop messiah of our time. But the Compton MC is humble and shuns that deification in “Mr. Morale” — instead, he presents himself as human; at times angry, at times vulnerable, and always real. At a first listen, “Mr. Morale” is so dense it risks being inaccessible. But its beauty lies in that complexity; it evolvesand changes just like how Lamar is constantly growing by challenging his perceptions of the world. Lamar has made an album that is first and foremost brutally honest, and that in and of itself makes it a riveting listen. —Alisa S. Regassa

1. ‘Un Verano Sin Ti’ (Bad Bunny)



More than just the album of the summer, “Un Verano Sin Ti” was for many the soundtrack that played throughout the entire year. From songs fit for puro perreo to psychedelic sounds tailored to the end of the night, “UnVerano Sin Ti” has it all. Many may be familiar with the album after hearing songs like “Tití Me Preguntó” or “Tarot” play at parties; others may be fonder of the softer love- sick sounds of “Andrea” and “Otro Atardecer;”another group entirely might find solace in the heartbroken narratives of “Yo No Soy Celoso” and the titular song “Un Verano Sin Ti.” This is Bad Bunny at his best, as more than just a reggaeton artist — in this album, he gives life to a whole range of human emotions, exploring them with an equally impressive array of musical styles.

There is a reason that this album has attracted so many listeners, even those that don’t speak Spanish — this year, once again, Bad Bunny has truly earned his place as the most-streamed artist in the world. —Daniel S. de Castr

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Miley & Flowers ?

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The Three Wise Men

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New Hip Hop Show

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Can you Tell The Difference?

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Missing Nicki

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Remix better than the original?

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 Do I look like your mommy?

New releases by (G) I-DLE , Dreamcatcher and ITZY , Pictured below from  left to right, give us three indications of where K-Pop is headed “Do I look like your mommy’ from ITZY’s new song “Boys like you” indicates that something is happening in K-Pop. ITZY’s song Boys like you is their first all-English language. […]
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Top 10 Britpop songs

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“Fun, excited and sexy”

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New Jeans: All about kpop’s latest rookie girl group

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We want one of these

Check this out for a unique Gaming experience.
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It’s all about the Ice Cream

It’s summer, and as things do, our thoughts turned to Ice Cream and it being the subject of discussion; one of the team in the Studio said who can name ten songs about Ice Cream. Did you know there were 10 Songs about Ice cream? No? Neither did we, but there are! OK, so w […]
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Legends Combine for One-off Performance

Hollywood hearth throbs and Rock Royalty create magic. With a  creative effort that must have taken massive amounts of patience, editing, going back and re-editing and painstakingly matching frames and sourcing content. RetroVideo has combined Hollywood Heartthrobs Rita Hayworth & Fred Astaire with Led Zeppelin’s Anthem track Rock’n’Roll into something that’s a joy to watch. […]
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Love life and Music

Published on: 01-06-2022

Love life and Gabriella

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[Exclusive Interview] Mondo Grosso

Since forming in Kyoto in the 1990s as an acid-jazz band and later becoming the solo project of Japan’s leading DJ/produce,r Shinichi Osawa, better known by his stage name Mondo Grosso, is almost a cult-like existence for some of his fans with his innovative music style. We had the privileged to ask him a few […]
Published on: 26-04-2022

Joyce Cheng – BBBB: Big Boobs Bubble Butt

The queen is back! And in true queen fashion, Joyce brings us- reminiscent of Todrick Hall’s TikTok queen coronation-theme of choice, “Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels”, a new single named “Big Boobs Bubble Butt”. All of which we know she possesses. Feminist topics are no strange venture for queen Joyce, from her hit ballad “女神” (Literal translation: Goddess) […]
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[Exclusive Interview] Nicky Jam

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Best Game Soundtracks To Relax To

In an era where almost everyone is a gamer, the amount of effort games put into having a good soundtrack can almost justify “gaming sountrack” as whole new music genre. Minecraft, Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing are a few games with famous soundtracks, but we want to shine a light on newer games with soundtracks that […]
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[Exclusive Interview] Ultra Nate- Supernatural

Ultra Naté is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, DJ and promoter who has achieved success on the pop charts with songs such as “Free”, “If You Could Read My Mind” (as part of Stars on 54), and “Automatic”. Virtually all of her singles have reached the Top 10 of the US Hot Dance Club […]
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Tiesto and Ava Max – The Motto

EDM star Tiësto has teamed up with pop singer Ava Max for the new single “The Motto.” ‘The Motto’ by Tiesto is a party anthem that will guarantee to help you dance into 2022!” Ava Max adds, “When Tiësto shared this record with me, I fell in love and couldn’t stop playing it. ‘The Motto’ […]
Published on: 06-01-2022

Jake $ing debut EP《Ups & Downs》

Shanghai-born, 626-raised emerging pop artist JAKE $ING, who signed to Sony Music in just a year after his debut, continues to position himself as a new voice for Asian-American Gen Z with the release of his very first EP “ups & downs”. “ups & downs” follows the success of his three most recent previous singles, […]
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BamBam- Who Are You (Feat. Seulgi of Red Velvet)

Ever since the group left their own management JYPE, GOT7’s Thai member BamBam has been working diligently as a solo artist, even releasing riBBon- his first solo mini album, earlier this year. BamBam recently excited fans of both fandoms by releasing a collaboration with Seulgi, a member of SM’s powerhouse girl group Red Velvet. The […]
Published on: 30-12-2021

JEON SOMI (전소미) – ‘Anymore’

Released as a holiday gift for fans, the Canadian-Dutch-Korean Kpop Idol JEON SOMI recently released a new music video for ‘Anymore’, a B-side and also her first full English single from the album ‘XOXO’. Often portrayed as the girl next door, this new solo track is  bound to be a slam dunk success Now based […]
Published on: 29-12-2021

Twice- The Feels

Kpop mega girl group Twice English Debut “The Feels” Kpop has been taking the world over by storm since over a decade ago, with the western market slowly normalising “K” pop stars to just plain world wide pop stars.JYP’s girl group Twice is certainly not an unknown name to anyone who takes interest in […]
Published on: 05-10-2021

keshi- beside you

keshi (born casey luong) found his muse at age 12 from his grandfather, who possessed a “fat classical guitar” and a music book in vietnamese. he taught himself to play and developed a deep passion for music, “sitting in front of the computer for hours on end every day and soaking it all up.” influences ranged from […]
Published on: 05-10-2021

BUILD A B*TCH- Bella Poarch

With over 70 million followers on Tik Tok and one of the most famous social media personalities on earth,, Bella Poarch is nest known for her childlike facial expressions and catchy lip- sync viral videos. She holds the world record for most liked Tiktok video, known for the “M to the B” video. After signing […]
Published on: 05-10-2021


Coldplay- one of the biggest musical acts in our generation, famous for their unique and innovative pop rock music style, has recently released a new album with the title song “Higher Power”. With a number of music awards including 7 Grammy Awards, 8 British Music Awards and 5 MTV Music Video Awards, Coldplay has become one […]
Published on: 05-10-2021

Billie Eilish Starts new musical era with “Lost Cause”

Billie Ellish’s latest single Lost Cause released on June 2, 2021, produced by Billie Eilish and her brother- singer/ prodcuer FINNEAS.   Known as the icon gen Z “bad girl”, Billie’s unruliness can not only be seen with her fashion sense, but also the style of her music. Her music breaks down the borders of […]
Published on: 04-10-2021

Audrey Nuna heals your soul with latest release “Space “

While people of this day and age might be craving closeness and intimacy,  new R&B singer Audrey Nuna begs for more space. From her debut album “ a liquid breakfast “ the latest release “ Space” sings out her need of “ I just need some space .” Being part of the first generation of Asian […]
Published on: 04-10-2021